Standard Carpet Power Stretch $7.50 sq yds
Berber Carpet Power Stretch $10.50 sq yds
Pattern Carpet Power Stretch $15.50 sq yds
Commercial Glue Down $8.50 sq yds
Commercial Pattern Glue Down $9.50 sq yds
Carpet Steps Standard $12.00 each
Custom $12.00 each
Centered $12.00 each
Glued $12.00 each
Remove Old Carpet Power Stretch $7.00 sq yds
Glue Down 9.50 sq yds
Haul Off Old Carpet & Pad $5.00 sq yds
Remove and Re-place Furniture $6.00 sq yds
Pianos, pool tables, entertainment centers (we are not responsible for any damages) $150.00 each
Trip Charges for 25 Miles and Over (Mileage based on MapQuest) $2.00 mile
Minimum Charge (does not include mileage) 50.00 each
Time Loss Fee (minimum 1 hour wait)
Time starts as soon as installer calls in.
Maximum 3 hr wait, then will be minimum plus trip charge.
$ 75.00 hour

Tile $3.50 sf
Laminate $2.50 sf
Wood $3.00 sf


Levelling $.1.50 sf
Qtr round/ base board $2.50 sf

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